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It is impossible to imagine modern European and world fashion without the splendor of the products of the FIORAMORE brand. Business women's bags and accessories have become a real hit of sales in many countries of the world and the public highly appreciated the ideas of Italian designers. Today, the assortment of the FIORAMORE brand includes women's bags, clutches, cosmetic bags, purses, housekeepers, credit cards and business cards.

The main features of the FIORAMORE style are elegant design, a craving for experiments, non-standard color solutions and many many colors. The FIORAMORE collections are a fine line between conservatism and modernity. These are original solutions for those who are used to dressing beautifully and tastefully, but at the same time not boring.

Releases of new collections in Europe and Asia received positive responses from critics, followed by high sales of the FIORAMORE range.

Surprisingly, the history of the FIORAMORE brand began with a simple beautiful morning. It is worth noting that at that time in Europe it was simply impossible to find such bright things, and different elements of clothing and hair were supported by flower buds, peonies and roses. A light wind enveloped the sunny morning with the scent of flowers, transmitting the fragrance of flowers, and girls in such clothes caught glances and smiles every now and then.

The basis of the idea of FIORAMORE is a special attraction to values, femininity, sensuality and sexuality.

The European brand, sewn in Italy and other countries, has been successfully working in the fashion industry since 1863 and has declared itself at a high level, and has also been shown to the elite fashion beau monde in the highest circles of society. Gradually, brand stores of the FIORAMORE brand appeared in different parts of the world, while also keeping up with the times, the official website of the company and the websites of distributors around the world were opened.


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FIORAMORE is a modern style, consistent quality and a variety of models for every taste.

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Our company is a direct representative of a large European factory and an exclusive distributor of the BULLATTI trademark, which produces high-class leather goods.

Leather goods are made by hand from high-quality genuine leather, produced by leading European factories.

We offer a wide selection of models made of different types of leather and presented in different color variations

- conservative classics, imitation reptile skin for lovers of fashionable classics, patent leather

- for those who like to be the center of attention